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Book of Galatians | Year 2

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The central themes of the Book of Galatians includes the free gift of salvation and the Sonship of Christ; the Holy Spirit as key to living under God’s grace and that we must not allow our freedom from the Law to become an occasion for fleshly activity. A strong focus is also placed on fellowship and community.

The module is divided into three sections: personal, doctrinal and practical. Galatians teaches key lessons for growing in godliness, lessons in faith, growth in the spirit and developing in humility.

Learn more about Paul’s ministry – how Paul addresses the Galatians’ legalism, religious attitudes and self-righteousness towards God; and the simplicity of freedom in Christ. Paul ministers to the Galatians as fellow Believers in a spirit of love, humility, tact and encouragement urging the Galations to examine the key to the Kingdom as Paul contrasts the parallel between the harvest of the spirit and that of the flesh, relaying the significance of the Spirit to true Christian living with emphasis on righteousness by faith and not solely by works.

One of the biggest oppositions Paul faces is religion. He demonstrates the limits of the law, who the law applies to and how to become spiritual through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The module will also focus on themes of ‘walking in the spirit’ and the fruits of the spirit.

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